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Graceland Ninjaz keep audiences on their feet, from corporate events to nightclubs. Their combined strength will bring order to the universe.

Emmy Award-Winning Artists
David 'EzE' McMahon

David "EZ E" McMahon, a three-time Emmy® Award-Winning singer-songwriter, has been performing nationally for over 10 years. His charismatic stage presence, dynamic vocals, and gyrating hips bring an explosive energy to the Ninjaz.

Johnny 'Paycheck' Kenny

Johnny "Paycheck" Kenny, a two-time Emmy® winning guitarist, singer, and songwriter, has had 3 albums released nationally and toured the country. His amps go up to 12 to bring the explosive edge to Graceland Ninjaz' unique live performances.

Jason 'Upgr4de' Gonzalez

Jason "Joey G." Gonzalez, an Emmy® Award-Winning veteran of 22 years, equips Graceland Ninjaz with a monstrous stage sound based on versatility, quickness, and solidity. His thunderous drumming will surely make an impression.

Bobby 'Bobby-Q' Hoke

Bobby "Bobby-Q" Hoke a veteran keyboardist on the local scene, has worked with Roland Corp. and Yamaha on synthesis programming, and written articles for Musician Magazine. He holds down the synthesized Ninjaz groove with the mastery of a drunken wizard.

Adrian Lea 'Kid A' Jarvis

Adrian Lea "Kid A" Jarvis, the sweetheart of the Ninjaz, has been singing since before birth. With the lungs of a pop diva and the charm of an Old Hollywood screen siren, she helps her fellow Ninjaz deliver hip-shaking performances with panache.

Rob 'Rock Robster' Hines

Rob "Rock Robster" Hines is an interchangeable bass player, guitarist, and drummer. Rob literally breathes music as if it were an actual anatomical part of his respiratory system. Hear his breath at the next Graceland Ninjaz show!